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A new way to care

Kopa is a patient-centric care delivery platform and community engagement tool. Available in-app or on desktop, Kopa is dedicated to helping people manage their physical and mental health, and get access to care at the right time.



“We are very honored to be recognized by the MedTech Visionary Awards as the ‘Best MedTech App & Software in the field of psychology for people with chronic conditions. Kopa is an integral part of Happify Health’s vision for building an intelligent healing platform that combines digital support for prevention and management of chronic disease with healthcare professionals, artificial intelligence, and clinical-grade digital therapies to deliver a personalized, equitable and evidence-based healthcare experience for our customers”  

Keren Zimmerman, Chief Product Officer

For more information email:
Danielle Hamel
VP Kopa Commercialization


The 2nd Annual
MedTech Visionaries Virtual Event & Awards

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