Meet The Judges

Jeffrey Zink


VP Sales Business Development -4th Bin | Strategic Planning | Revenue Enhancements / Westchester Angel Group Investor

Jeffrey is a nationally syndicated speaker with over 30 years of experience in launching new businesses, turnarounds, and business acceleration.  Jeffrey serves as a Board of Advisor for several startup companies. Jeffrey is an experienced angel investor who is intimately involved in several industries.

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Petr Sramek


Managing Partner at; CEO of Whytics

Petr is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Whytics with a focus on counterfactual simulations using brain-inspired AI and the latest advances in counterfactual learning and causal emergence,as well as managing partner for
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Joe Mercado


Product Strategy & Design at CareJourney

Joe’s exceptional levels of creative thinking and problem-solving, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset,  enables excitement within his product development teams. Passionate about interoperability and transforming healthcare within the Population Health and Behavioral Health spaces, Joe is excited to continue pushing the envelope.
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Suzanne Lee


Founder of Pivotal Reality

Pivotal Reality’s purpose is to research the social impact of using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality within target markets. Their first project is testing and measuring the effects of Virtual Reality and Dementia. They are the 2020 winners of the Mental Health Immersive Technology Consult MedTech Visionaries Awards.
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