Award winning personalized preventive health partner iamYiam sponsors MedTech Visionaries Awards

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –  iamYiam announced that it is a sponsor of the 2020 MedTech Visionaries Awards, an international awards competition designed to recognize the accomplishments of the visionaries in the MEDTECH sector.

$6.1 trillion of $8 trillion of global healthcare costs are linked to preventable, lifestyle diseases. These preventable lifestyle diseases are the leading cause of death in developing countries and account for 90% of public and private health expenditures in developed economies.  

Francine Trendler, CEO of Light4Soul and co-founder of the MedTech Visionaries Awards, said “iamYiam is a leader committed to health and technology, combining big health data, genetics, and academic research. Their sponsorship will help us raise the profile of the awards and increase access to nominees across the globe. Their vision is to improve the quality of life of a billion people by 2025 through applying AI-powered personal insights from genetics, lifestyle and environmental data to each individual’s life journey to reach sustainable health.  We are honored and blessed to have iamYiam as a sponsor of the MedTech Visionaries Awards.”

A call for nominations was issued in September for the competition for both individuals and businesses in 11 categories and has gotten a lot of interest.

About the MedTech Visionaries Awards

The MedTech Visionaries Awards was founded by Light4Soul with the goal of recognizing the visionaries, the leaders, businesses, and individuals that are creating better technology, procedures and platforms that benefit the world.  The MedTech Visionaries Awards provides publicity and increases recognitionof those entering.  We have categories for apps, AI, IoT, medical devices and so much more.  To  learn more about the MedTech Visionaries online award event please go to

About iamYiam

iamYiam a leader in health and technology, combining big health data, genetics, and academic research to deliver a personalized health plan; executed through its platform’s daily lifestyle interventions, curated products & services. Its focus on science-backed preventive health and customized care fast tracks one’s progress towards optimal health- from childhood to retirement. iamYiam offers individuals preventive health guidance that directly counteracts the source of the problem – global trends in the way we work, eat and live. Their vision is to accelerate humanity’s progress towards sustainable health by continuously personalizing cutting edge technological, human & environmental research to every individual.

Their most recent recognitions include:

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