If your business is part of the evolution for AI, Blockchain, Apps, IoT, FINTECH, OR gaming, your company needs IMPACT.

THE new EVOLUTION of tech


IMPACT’s analysis provides deeper insight into the capability and suitability of providers’ position in the new era of evolution within the tech market.




How will you survive the odds?

IMPACT is the business analysis tool that facilitates examination of a business entity, for the expressed purpose of determining the next crucial steps essential to achieve their vision.


The IMPACT study matches you, and your company, with one of our dedicated industry experts who will engage you, and if deemed necessary other internal critical team members, in a series of 2 forty-five minute confidential deep dives designed to flush out current and potential issues that affect the health and survivability of your company. 

Based on our thorough analysis your personal analyst will present you with a 10 page report indicating the VALLONE REPORT’s IMPACT findings and recommendations for next steps so you remain proactive in your growth. 

As part of this advanced business analytical outlook you will also receive an IMPACT business analysis model that aids in a rapid visualization of the situation at play for retaining your influence.

How do you fare?
The 6 Criteria of IMPACT

I is for Influence. 

What is your power, your strength, in the market, on your audience, and within, and external, of other sectors?  Forward thinking: How did this strength originate?  How do you retain this strength?

M is for Menaces. 

Who are your competitors?  Forward thinking: What new competitors are coming through the development pipeline.  How will this affect your business entity as to market share, funding, leadership position, saturation and other factors that may adversely affect you or may trigger such concern or opportunities as M&A considerations?

P is for Prospects. 

Customers help to maintain your mission statement but prospects can propel you to your vision.  Forward thinking: Who are your prospective customers and how do you reel them into your business model as a revenue source?

A is for Achilles Heel   

What are your weaknesses and how can you overcome them?  Forward thinking: How do your customers and potential customers view your weaknesses?  How do your competitors, the press and the general public view your weaknesses?  How can you turn around these weaknesses?

C is for Current Customers

Who are your customers?  Forward thinking: What do you bring to the table, in either human resources or other resources that keep these customers with you?   How strong is the customer base bond?  How do you plan to keep your customers?  How to do plan to expand your presence with your customers?

T is for Trust.  

What level of trust does your business entity exude to your customers, to potential and current venture capitalists, to the population you serve and may one day serve and other entities that fall within this mix. Forward thinking:  How do you keep and build upon this trust to maintain a successfully thriving operation of your business?

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