Kopa by Happify Health Awarded MedTech Visionary Award: Best MedTech App & Software in the Field of Psychology for People With Chronic Conditions


October 1, 2021 – Knoxville, TN; New York, NY – Today, Kopa by Happify Health has been named the winner of the Best MedTech App & Software in the Field of Psychology for people with Chronic Conditions. Kopa is available in the App Store, Google Play, and on the web. Kopa is a unified digital patient engagement community care delivery platform with multiple communities and engagement tools dedicated to helping patients manage their physical and mental health.

MedTech Visionaries Awards provide recognition and increased visibility to a sector that continues to make a positive impact in how we view our world and interact with it.  The event is hosted by the creative strategist people at Light4Soul and was sponsored by Boost Awards. This year’s awards saw entries from around the world who have set the standard for innovation and creativity in the MedTech field.

Kopa is part of Happify Health, a global healthcare platform that combines digital therapeutics and patient care delivery solutions to improve mental and physical health. Kopa’s patient-centric health platform improves health outcomes through education, robust community engagement and support, condition-specific content, personalization of patient journeys, healthcare providers (HCPs) expertise, and digital support tools to help members manage their physical and mental health.

“We are very honored to be recognized by the MedTech Visionary Awards as the ‘Best MedTech App & Software in the field of psychology for people with chronic conditions,” said Keren Zimmerman, Chief Product Officer at Happify Health. “Kopa is an integral part of Happify Health’s vision for building an intelligent healing platform that combines digital support for prevention and management of chronic disease with healthcare professionals, artificial intelligence, and clinical-grade digital therapies to deliver a personalized, equitable and evidence-based healthcare experience for our customers.”

Happify Health launched the first Kopa community in July 2020 to support people with psoriasis, and the second Kopa community in August 2021 to support women experiencing menopause . The Kopa platform brings healthcare professionals together with Happify Health’s high-quality digital therapeutics in a single, secure, online community where people can learn, share, and support each other in an equitable environment.


The MedTech Visionary judges believe that Happify Health has brought effective tools and programs to break old patterns and form new habits that help people take control of their feelings and thoughts.


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About MedTech Visionaries Awards: 
Now in its 2nd year, the MedTech Visionaries Awards highlights the advancements and accomplishments of those in this industry who are disrupting the status quo. It is our mission to humanize the people behind this new frontier that takes ideas and makes them into reality.

Please visit Kopa by Happify Health, the 2021 winner of the Best MedTech App & Software in the Field of Psychology for people with Chronic Conditions ‘s virtual booth at medtechvisionaries.com/Kopa to learn more.

About Kopa by Happify Health:
Happify Health’s Kopa platform was awarded the 2021 Best MedTech App & Software award in the Field of Psychology for people with Chronic Conditions. Happify Health is a global software-enabled healthcare platform. They design and deploy software to help improve mental health, physical health, and well-being. They are creating a future where better health outcomes can be powered by technology—leading to more personalized care that can improve the everyday lives of more people. The Happify Health platform offers a full spectrum of science-backed Digital Therapy and Care Journey solutions for customers and individual end-users, including Wellness, AI-based Coaching, Community, as well as Combination and Prescription Digital Therapeutics.

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