MedTech Visionaries Awards have concluded their 2nd Annual program to provide recognition and increased visibility to a sector that continues to make a positive impact in how we view our world and interact with it.  The event is hosted by the creative strategist people at Light4Soul and was sponsored by Boost Awards. This year’s awards saw entries from around the world who have set the standard for innovation and creativity in the MedTech field.  Based on the pool of entries the MVA’s judges selected Medix the 2021 winner of the Best Visionary in the Field of Medical Devices to boost immune systems.

Founded in 2018 by Sol Gersh, Medix is a medical device company whose mission is to use its proprietary immune-boosting technology to improve the state-of-the-art of over-the-counter nasal inhalers and atomizers. Our inhaler and atomizer are unique because they are reusable, cleaner, safer, healthier, and more cost-effective than the competition.  The inhaler and atomizer juice vial, which creates the vapor (for the inhaler) or spray (for the atomizer), uses plant-based ingredients that are edible, kosher, and organic. They boost the immune system, are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and have no side effects.

Medix’s long-term vision is to develop and bring to market a range of better medical devices that support the immune system and deliver organic material, such as next-generation chest rubs.

“We have invented a better, longer-lasting, reusable nasal inhaler to boost the immune system. Our product was in development for several years and now with the pandemic, could not come at a better time.

I will be 95 years old in the Fall and have been a serial entrepreneur, artist, and inventor throughout my life. I take pride in this, my last venture to better the world. We are now entering an era where medical technology will become even more important as we continue to become a more global society. A boost to anyone’s immune system is something that everyone can benefit from. We know that our proprietary mixture and patented inhaler device will improve the quality of life and protect people from this and other diseases to come.”

About MedTech Visionaries Awards: Now in its 2nd year, the MedTech Visionaries Awards highlights the advancements and accomplishments of those in this industry who are disrupting the status quo. It is our mission to humanize the people behind this new frontier that takes ideas and makes them into reality.

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