Company: Criosoft
Founded in: 2014


CEO: Andrey Krasnov


Company’s efforts to help society: Criosoft is the developer of apps and games that find problems people had and write software solutions that would solve those problems.  Apps include the “Injection Tracker and Reminder” app which has an Injection Schedule Assistant app  that allows users to keep track of all upcoming medical injections.If the injection was missed, it will keep sending reminders, to make sure that injection was performed!  Another app is the Ampere Battery Charging Check app which is an easy way to compare chargers and wires. 

Hobbies: spending time with family, fishing, boating, playing computer games and training in the martial arts.

Passion:  My passions include creating software, programming, and designing; as well as working with other people on achieving the highest quality for our programs and games.


Never surrender your dreams


Vincent Van Gogh once said
“Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck,
your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do,
with such passion and intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”  

And with that intro let me tell you the story of a man whose profession was molded to be in the arts but his passion led him to coding.  His name is Andrey Krasnov and he is the Founder and CEO of Criosoft ( Criosoft a developer and publisher of business and entertainment software.  

Andrey was born in the small town of Batum Georgia in the USSR.  “My parents were music teachers and everything seemed to lean towards a future in music for me. I was attending music school, studying piano, was competing in chess and sailing clubs, and was learning karate. But, everything changed when I saw computers, and more specifically – what they’re capable of. It all started with computer games. I was spending every single coin that I had to play those games. After some time, I decided that I wanted to be able to create games and programs myself. That’s how my computer life started. I got my first book on programming, and even without a computer (it was too expensive for our family at that time), I’d read that book several times, using a pen and paper to solve the exercises and write my first pieces of code. From that point on, it was all related to computers: my studies, hobbies, and dreams. For the duration of almost 20 years, I was working for many different companies, and was creating their vision of the world by creating software solutions for them. Years passed, and I amassed knowledge and experience, and finally ended up in NY, where I decided to put all of my knowledge, personal vision, and experience into something that I felt would benefit others.”

Criosoft was founded in 2014 focusing on popular and well-respected apps and games for mobile platforms. By focusing on creating well-designed, highly desirable software, Criosoft has maintained a great reputation for quality since its creation.  “We do work for our users. We listen, we implement, and we change. No user is too small, and no opinion is unimportant. Thanks to our amazing user base, our products continue to grow and become the best in their class.  Our development approach is simple. We love what we do and are always looking to improve, and as a result we develop top notch products. We use the latest technologies and frameworks and we change our software by adding those requests and ideas into our apps.” 

And this is where I have to interject a comment.  As it has been proven that one of the biggest strengths a company can have is to always look to improve by listening to its’ market.  In a 2011 Harvard Business Review article, writer Tim Breene stresses the need for all businesses, even the most successful ones, to reinvent themselves periodically or face extinction.  And Criosoft is one company that has followed that business success model consistently and continually since its inception.  So what type of leader has this type of business foresight. . . A leader who is determined to follow his dream no matter what the odds.  A leader who is adventurous to step out of the comfort zone of working for others and forge his own company and sit squarely at its helm.  And a leader with the creativity to see his visions come to fruition.  The road may not be an easy one to follow but it is a a path worth the journey.  And through it all Andrey says “You should never throw in the towel and surrender your dreams. Take a single step at a time towards your dream, but do it every day, and eventually you’ll reach it. It doesn’t matter how far away it seems. If you will be afraid of that distance and will not try reaching it – you will definitely never reach it. Go forward towards your dreams and enjoy the ride!”

The Vallone Report thanks Andrey Krasnov for his contributions in the world of technology.