MedTech Visionaries Awards have concluded their 2nd Annual program to provide recognition and increased visibility to a sector that continues to make a positive impact in how we view our world and interact with it.  The event is hosted by the creative strategist people at Light4Soul and was sponsored by Boost Awards. This year’s awards saw entries from around the world who have set the standard for innovation and creativity in the MedTech field. Based on the pool of entries, the MVA judges selected Pixcell Medical as the 2021 winner of the Best Medical Device and Best MedTech Visionary in the Field of Medical Devices for Real-Time Blood Testing.

PixCell Medical was founded in 2009 in Israel. Its mission statement is to simplify real-time blood testing for everyone, everywhere. Its vision is to help people around the world rapidly detect and act on the greatest medical risks.

The technology at the center of the HemoScreen’s success is based on three major innovations that serve to disrupt an industry that has been stagnant for over 50 years: Viscoelastic focusing (VEF), machine vision and AI, and proprietary lab-on-a-cartridge.

Developed at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology over the course of CEO Dr. Bransky’s Ph.D., the patented microfluidics method termed Viscoelastic Focusing (VEF) is the underlying breakthrough technology of the HemoScreen. In contrast to traditional hydrodynamic cell focusing techniques, VEF is a physical phenomenon that causes cells to perfectly align into a single layer, offering a new way to examine blood and facilitating rapid optical cell analysis. This innovative microfluidics method is key to the miniaturization of high-quality analysis. By leveraging this novel, patented, cell flowing mechanism, the long-standing problem of moisturization has finally been overcome. The advanced machine-vision and AI algorithms classify cells instantly based on their morphology and staining properties, providing higher resolution and clarity than the current laser-based cell counters that are used. The machine vision can identify many sub-types of cells, and provides comprehensive abnormal cell flagging for the early screening and identification of pathogens to help diagnose diseases early.


Additionally, PixCell dedicated over a decade of R&D to the development of their proprietary lab-on-a-cartridge technology. An innovative disposable cartridge pre-loaded with all the necessary reagents houses the HemoScreen’s internal “lab,” enabling automatic sample preparation and processing. This reduces waste and errors and ensures lab-accurate results. The reagents and sample remain safely within the cartridge during and after measurement, preventing cross-contamination. Each device is factory calibrated, requiring no further maintenance or calibration, and saving significant resources. The simplicity of sample collection and analysis unique to the HemoScreen allows it to be operated by a non-technical operator, saving costs, and making it more accessible to patients.

Together, these technologies enable the HemoScreen to deliver reliable diagnostic results right at the point of care in a significantly shorter amount of time. With just one drop of blood, and within five minutes, HemoScreen delivers accurate readings of 20 standard blood count parameters with the high sensitivity of lab results, saving patients, clinicians, and health systems significant time and costs.

HemoScreen’s thoughtful design and engineering enables true point-of-care hematological testing. It has implications for many medical scenarios, including, recently, COVID-19 field hospitals. Results are needed quickly to handle the high volume of patients, and are time sensitive due to the contagious nature of the virus. The HemoScreen is also ideally suited for emergency use as the results are quick, and the device can be operated by a minimally trained individual.”



About MedTech Visionaries Awards: Now in its 2nd year, the MedTech Visionaries Awards highlights the advancements and accomplishments of those in this industry who are disrupting the status quo. It is our mission to humanize the people behind this new frontier that takes ideas and makes them into reality.

About PixCell Medical: PixCell Medical provides the first truly portable point-of-care blood diagnostic solution. Leveraging the company’s patented Viscoelastic Focusing technology, along with AI-powered machine vision, PixCell’s FDA-cleared and CE-certified HemoScreen diagnostic platform shortens diagnostic results delivery from days to minutes. With just one drop of blood and within five minutes, PixCell delivers accurate readings of 20 standard blood count parameters, saving patients, clinicians and health systems significant time and costs. For more information: and follow PixCell on LinkedIn

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