Next Generation Machine-Vision Based Point-of-Care (POC) Hematology

Traditionally, hematological diagnostic tests have been performed almost entirely in centralized laboratories, costing clinics significant resources both in capital and time spent waiting for results. It has become evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that decentralizing basic diagnostic blood tests is essential for population health management. For COVID-19, in particular, the complete blood count (CBC) test is widely used to manage and monitor individual disease progression and to assist in clinical decision-making, such as determining when transfer to ICU or intubation may be necessary or prescribing appropriate patient antibiotic regimes. Yet there is currently no suitable point of care (POC) option for this most common test.

Enter PixCell.  Dr. Avishay Bransky, the Founder ad CEO of PixCell Medical – the company with the first portable point of care real-time blood diagnostic solution whose mission is to simplify real-time blood testing, for everyone, everywhere has more with his presentation is entitled “Next Generation Machine-Vision Based Point-of-Care (POC) Hematology.

This presentation examines how POC blood testing has the potential to tackle several global health concerns, including antimicrobial resistance and sepsis. I will explain how beyond infections, POC blood testing can provide clinicians with information on a patient’s health within minutes, enabling the rapid identification of blood loss, anemia, blood cancers, allergies, and more to allow for informed decision making and ensure the most effective treatment. I will discuss how we can overcome the issue of access to POC diagnostics by leveraging a combination of novel technologies, including Viscoelastic Focusing (VEF), “lab-on-a-cartridge” technology, proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms.

The audience will gain an understanding of the value and utility of POC hematological testing, and how a combination of three cutting-edge technologies can change a 70+-year-old standard of blood testing practice, offering new opportunities and improved diagnosis. They will also learn about the effectiveness and significance of POC hematological testing and its implications in many fields of medicine, including oncology, operating rooms, infectious disease medicine, emergency care and, recently, COVID-19 field hospitals.

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