October 1, 2021 – April. 1, 2021

SPECIAL offer for MedTech Visionaries Entries

50% OFF!





Attendees visiting your Virtual Show Booth can…


Watch a video presentation

chat with sales

Chat with sales and support team

ceo and sales chat

Join a Q&A with your CEO or sales team

download literature

Download product literature

schedule an appointment

Schedule a demo of your product or service

order a sample

Order a sample

Virtual Trade shows

benefit Everyone 

  • Open 24/7

  • Unlimited Number of Attendees

  • No On-Site Staff

  • Eliminate On-Site Labor & Fees

  • Eliminate Cost of Venue

  • Eliminate Travel & Hotel Costs


as an exhibitor


  • CONNECT—with industry colleagues, partners, and suppliers
  • INCREASE—your exposure
  • MEET with key decision-makers
  • RECEIVE— 4 months of active media attention.
  • CHANGE— out collateral materials and contact information (up to 4 times during that 4 month period).
  • POST—on-demand videos and product demonstrations.
  • REACH—a global audience and further your brand

Your Virtual Booth


A custom-built Virtual Booth!   

Where you can put your product info, press releases, showcase your latest innovation, offer technical insights, product demos, video messages, and share insights. And with a clickable link to your calendar, phone, Skype, or email you’ll be able to schedule meetings and make sales calls.

Your Booth will be up and available 24/7 ’til April 1,2021.

All for the very low price of $49

Payments are processed through Light4Soul.

Virtual trade shows are one of the most popular ways to communicate your message quickly, effectively, while exhibiting your innovations, services, and products to a receptive online audience.  According to Forrester’s research, “Virtual Events rank as the 2nd most important source of information when business decision-makers evaluate technologies or services to purchase.”