All business entries must have been in the development stage, produced, implemented, updated or occurred in the last 2 years (December 2017 – December 2019).  

(Entries are capped at 5 entries per subcategory)

AI & Internet-of-Things (IoT) Healthcare
  • Innovative AI startups
  • Leader in AI Development
  • Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device
  • Most innovative use of AI in a hospital setting or healthcare setting
Clinical Surveillance & Smart Alarms
  • Best overall Clinical Surveillance solution
  • Best Clinical Surveillance solution for Patient safety alerts
Leading Experts in Furtherance of MedTech Excellence
  • Physician to advance MedTech
  • Nursing informatics
  • MedTech Consultants
The Best Telehealth/Telemed Solution
  • Best Telehealth Solution
  • Best Telemed Solution
Medical Device
  • Best New Technology Solution
  • Best Overall Medical Device Company
  • Best Patient Data Security Solution
  • Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity
  • Investor committed to advancing MedTech
  • M&A Deal of the year
Electronic Health Records
  • Best EHR Service Provider
Device Interoperability
  • Most innovative Interoperability Startup **
  • Best Medical Device Integration solutions Company**
Apps & Software
  • Mental Health apps
  • Health & Fitness
  • Nutrition
The Best Company, Software or Solution
  • Best MedTech Startup
  • Best Overall MedTech Company
  • Healthcare Insurance Innovation Solution
  • Best New Digital Health Company

*Hospital definition – defined as delivery room, NICU, PICU, CCU, emergency department, surgical care unit and/or intermediate care unit, emergency and specialized medical treatment centers, such as birthing centers, treatment centers for chronic diseases, trauma centers and other similar facilities, and an institution setting which is used to provide long-term care for people with chronic illness or disability, including hospice settings and nursing homes

**Startup definition – company that has been in existence for 3 years or less and still in the first stage of operations for developing products or services for which it believes there is a demand.

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