Company: XCEL TRIP & Xcel Pay Wallet

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Interview with: Founder –
Gyanendra Khadka


XcelTrip is disrupting the travel industry

A Next-Gen Blockchain powered Travel Platform which has been built to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry. You can book with crypto at more than 800,000 hotels and around 400 airlines are being added too. XcelTrip App is now downloadable on both iOS and Android devices. 

XcelPay Wallet

XcelPay is first of its kind wallet which bridges the consumer use-case and merchant payment solution.


Gyanendra Khadka


Lisa O’Keefe, hostess of the Vallone Report podcast, talks with Gyanendra Khadka, founder of XcelLab & CEO of XcelTrip, XcelToken and XcelPay Wallet. he is a well known self-made serial enterprenerur, early adaptor in Bitcoin, an inspiring venture capitalist and game changer for blockchain startups in Silicon Valley and Worldwide. 

As a passionate Venture Capitalist – Gyanendra has invested in more than 27 blockchain & AI startups globally, building an exciting ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs around the world.

Now, Gyanendra is on a mission to create a ‘one of a kind’ decentralized ecosystem that will change travel and hospitality landscape around the world.