Entries are now closed. Winners announced January 7, 2020

The MedTech Visionaries Awards are free to enter. They were created to honor the leaders, businesses, and individuals in the hospital setting, startup, mental health and established business sectors that dare to disrupt the status quo, by creating better technology, procedures, and platforms that benefit society.

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Light4Soul’s mission is in bringing recognition to outstanding individuals and companies for their hugely beneficial achievements. The ongoing contributions these individuals make in society cannot be overestimated! (click here to see what the winners get.)

The World Changes
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The 2020 MedTech Visionaries Awards are officially open! Are You Ready To Be Recognized?

MedTech is a hot topic covering AI & IoT, Telehealth/Telemed Solution, Medical Device,  Clinical Surveillance & Smart Alarms, EHR, Device Interoperability, Investors, Security, Apps & Software, and more. How do you stand out in a field that is growing exponentially?

By entering the  2020 MedTech Visionaries Award where you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning.

(There are no entry fees. Entries are capped at 5 entries per category)

It’s FREE to enter the  2020 MedTech Visionaries Award where you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning.

1 chosen visionary will be select in each category by our panel of judges (Entries are capped at 5 entries per category)


Last day to get your entry in:
Midnight (eastern standard time) 12/17/2019

Winners announced 1/7/2020


The Categories

We have 11 categories aimed at providing recognition for the individuals and companies, and individuals in the hospital setting, startup, mental health and established business sectors that by creating better technology, procedures, and platforms are making the world a better place.

More information can be found on the categories page.


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 Our Esteemed Judges

Leslie W. CothrenLeslie W. Cothren

Ray Gilpin BSRT, RRTRay Gilpin BSRT, RRT

Andrey Krasnov is chief executive officer of CrioSoftAndrey Krasnov

harmonie lewisHarmonie Lewis

Peter McCrediePeter McCredie

Kevin SimmsKevin Simms

petr sramekPeter Sramek

David W SimeDavid W. Sime

robert mossRobert Moss

Joseph MercadoJoseph Meracdo

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