One of the pioneers of the MedTech field, Peter McCredie, joins the MedTech Visionaries Awards Panel of Judges.

It is with great pleasure that Light4Soul, the creative agency hosting the MedTech Visionaries Awards announced that Peter McCredie has signed on as a judge for this prestigious event.

Peter is managing director of EarthCom. EarthCom Communications a new type of CRM consultancy. Peter has a history in the EHR sector having been a key member of Medrecord, an early developer of medical records and debtor accounts systems in the 1980s and 1990s.  

He also provided needed software for various noted companies as HBF, the largest private health insurance provider in Western Australia,  the Lotteries Commission, Medical research funding, Western Australian Royal Institute for the Blind, Disability Institution. As a CRM database consultant from 1998 to 2007 McCredie provided customized databases and workflow designs for the following relevant companies: – Advanced Nano Technologies, R&D of UV protection technology to prevent skin cancer, National Surgical, surgical equipment supplier to hospital operating theatres, Australian Mobility Equipment, supplier of wheelchairs, scooters and specialized mobility gear. This all in addition to being an Audiometerist conducting screening tests throughout Western Australia.

McCredie says “the Medical Industry is fertile ground for the development of technology. Whether products or the automation and improvement of processes, opportunities abound. New medical products may collect data to feed through refined processes into new research, case management options, the enhancement of quality of life for some and the saving of life for others. From my own experience in developing a new concept in cybersecurity, Medical Technology will be well served by the start-up communities (and others), who use rapid development methodologies to prove new concepts before the longer project of bringing a product to market.”

The reference to cybersecurity that McCredie touches on is BankVault, a company where he originated the concept to protect online banking against hacking. He worked on the concept to transition it through to feasibility, McCredie says his aspirations for MedTech “are that it becomes prolific at converting concepts into products or processes. Believe me, it’s more difficult than it seems.” Light4Soul is honored to have Peter McCredie join as a judge. Other judges announced to date include Robert Moss, Kevin Simms, and Harmonie Lewis.

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